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Building self-esteem, steps to try!

Posted on 15 September, 2015 at 6:40

Is your glass half full or half empty?’

Positive people are generally happier and more successful than those with a negative approach. It is more than just thoughts, it is an individual’s entire approach to life - being positive works.

Every individual sends out an aura around them, which tells people how they are feeling. The hidden emotions can be seen through facial and body language.

Motivating ones self can be hard, finding the will power to improve actions, thoughts and beliefs can take forever if you don’t build your self-esteem. Remember that motivation is caused by both internal and external factors that help to drive our desires and energy.

Take different steps to build self-esteem

• Identify with people as role models for guidance

• Make a list of your accomplishments each day

• Often reward your self

• Build others self-esteem (helping others, goes a long way)

• Eat healthy

• Look your best

• Do something different each day

• Share your skills with others (community work, volunteer)

• Start thinking positive about who you are, do not let your pass bring you down

• Learn new skills

• Improve your personal living space

• Deal with one thing at a time

• Have your own journal and write down your thoughts

• Take every set back as a positive, a learning opportunity to improve your self

When setting out these steps, plan a clear goal using the SMART concept

For example based on job search

Specific – what exactly are you targeting?

For example: ‘I want a job in a small retail store’

Measureable- how are you going to do this?

‘Researching stores close by to me’

Achievable- how will you reach this step?

‘I will target my CV’


‘I have the right amount of experience within the retail industry’

Time Bound – when will you achieve your goal?


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